Welcome to the Mamelodi Mappers GMT 320 Project Blog

The Mamelodi Mappers project initiative came about as a University of Pretoria, 3rd year BSc Geoinformatics client-project development initiative with the vision to make a difference through GIS and mapping.

The project forms part of the GMT 320 course presented to 3rd year Geoinformatics students at the University of Pretoria. The objective of the course is to give 3rd Year Geoinformatics students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired during their studies in a Geoinformatics project, from the inception of a project to presenting the results. While carrying out the project, project management skills and principles are also taught and applied.

The purpose of the project was to develop a Geoinformatics solution to a local challenge facing the community or municipality. It was stipulated in the brief for the 2015 GMT 320 project that the projects had to focus on the Alaska informal settlement in Mamelodi.

The following deliverables for the project were required:

  • At least one map showing the current layout or structure of Alaska;
  • An 3D model/map of Alaska;
  • Web mapping application that assists to solve a specified problem; and
  • A blog with various posts discussing the project experiences and challenges and showcasing results.

The project is set to run from 25 July 2015 – 5 November 2015. This blog will showcase the project development, triumphs and tribulations, and will hopefully serve as a reference and guide to students attempting the GMT 320 course in the future.


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